Monday, October 22, 2007

Nothing but Honest

Sorry for the absence...... I have been busy at work, at home, with school things and knitting. Okay - and I have been obsessed with getting my ravelry page set up.

What I have found (and I haven't gotten all my projects, WIP, FO, Wanna be projects on the page) is that Ravelry forces me to be honest about all my CAST ONS (WIP) and realize that I need to NOT buy anymore yarn, books (except for Cat Bordhi's new book - cause I have been wanting it for the longest time) or knitting projects till I at least finish some of the projects I have at hand. When you post a project and then post the "start date" and it happens to be 2006 and you realize that it's "hibernating" you are a bit humbled and realize what a two timing knitter you are. Just like (some) men (and women I suppose) - as soon as some new, fresh, pretty yarn and new, fresh, funky pattern comes across my sights - I am on it!

I hope to have them all up by the end of the week - but alas - life occurs - and get going on my projects (WIP).

With that said - I have put limits on my stash additions. Since starting my fitness/weight loss/nutrition makeover I have vowed to not buy yarn till I hit certain milestones (first 5K - sock yarn, first 5K under 30 minutes sock yarn, ten pounds a sock pattern from loopy ewe.....).

Perhaps I should put my projects on some bonus point system - every three WIP I finish I can buy and maybe cast on a new project?????

Oiy - such a dilemia - so much yarn, so many needles, so many patterns, so little time.

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