Sunday, February 25, 2007

Work In Progress

I have been so creatively tapped out when I get home from my job (which - is M - F no weekends or holidays) (insert dancing snoopy) that I have had a hard time SCRAPBOOKING!
(which is my other passion).

So - I have been knitting. Now, I seem to knit on one project and then switch to another - which leads me to believe that this job has enhanced my multi tasking abilities or increased my ADHD. I guess it depends on how you look at it?

Here is my latest project

From this book

This Pattern:

It is knitted in Chennile in the book - which I don't like. So I found some yarn at my LYS and got to knitting. I love the pattern (but not for when you are going to be distracted) and I think this will make a GREAT wrap.

Now - before ANY assumptions are made.... I have SEVERAL friends who are pregnant so no this is not for me. BUT I LOVE this book.

Okay the rest of the story... It has been frogged a few times since I started on Thursday at Knit nite..... Oopse. BUT I am on a roll now!


My knit night girls

Last week (which I didn't have time to post last week) I went to a "knit nite" party with my knit nite friends. It was a fun, low keyed get together where we sipped some vino, ate some good food and knitted. One of the knitters - the lovely Donna D. - made EVERYONE a wonderful warm gift!
These were mine:

Are they not scrumptiously cozy and gorgeous!

The buttons (which we all got on our hand warmers) were from her dear mother's collection which makes them even more special!!!!

I am so touched to have these girls as my friends and am honored to knit with them!

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Saturday, February 24, 2007


I know I know I know
that these are a few weeks (January) over due, but I made these (and the kimono is also done just needs to be blocked and grafted) as a gift for a friend that invited me to her shower in Michigan!

I love the colors - so unbabish!

I made a baby book, scrap book, as well.

The booties out of Weekend Knits and the hat My Own creation. The yarn - SOY!

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My most awesome knit nite group is having a

How most awesome is this???? I am so excited! I casted my (under dog) votw for the Elfin Goth Bride Sweater found in Domiknitrix - but my second choice, of course, is the Eiffel sweater on Knitty.

Stop by the SASI knitters and check it out. All are welcome even if you can't come to knit nite! However, we would LOVE to have you stop by!!!!


Friday, February 23, 2007

I am an ADHD knitter

Hello, my name is Bonnie and I am an ADHD knitter.

I can not stay focused on one project to save my life....

My various WIPs will speak for themselves.

While I have been feveriously knitting for friends and friends with babies... I started to pout (yes I, at my age pout) that I had nothing for myself that I knitted.

Well - that just started me on a selfish knitting frenzy to which four (yes four) projects are on needles in various stages of development. Granted - two will be casted off today - it's just - HELLO!!!!

A little focus would be nice!

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Monday, February 19, 2007

What a find....

Oh mi - you have to go here.....

This person has creative style....

I found her on Knitty with a fabulous pattern to boot.....

These are FREE.... they don't count!!!

and check out this little number....

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When is enough ENOUGH?

So a friend called me, rather text'd me - (yes Mark - many people have embraced the idea of text messaging and find it a quite acceptable way to communicate) - that she was knitting the hat in HERE but thought that she did not have enough sequins.

So - I think... wait I have this book.... So I run (okay I walked... it's been a long day) to my bookshelf and start going through my collection. There are so many cool patterns in this book and it's successor. But yet I still want MORE books.... I must have three or four must haves on my list and six more - "these are interesting..." books included.

Now that I have a moratorium on yarn purchasing I need to include one on BOOKS! I need to utilize all those books that hold patterns I could not live without back in the day (less than a year ago) that I purchased them.

Yet - somehow... Vogue Knitting Accessorizes looks like such a GREAT book......

Back to knitting....

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

One knitter at a time.....

So - not like I have pictures.... but I had to share....

The other night my friend Sesil joined me at Knit Night at SASI! How most awesome was this. Sesil is prego with her THIRD baby and is absolutely radient! She has wanted to knit for EVER - and I finally persuaded to get her to come. I showed her how to CAST ON and knit her first row.... I began my Be Sweet (to die for) magic ball scarf and forgot about her for about ten minutes. Then I looked over and she was about FIVE rows into her first scarf. Now - she is by far - the quickest learner I have come across and she is doing awesome. Why did she finally learn???? She had the THREE hour GLUCOSE test and needed something to do with her hands to take her mind off the nasty taste left in her mouth and not being able to eat or drink..... From what I understand she is half way through her scarf now!!!!! YOU GO SESIL!!!!!!

Tracing back - I have four other friends who have started knitting because I enabled them.

  • Emily - pregnant also - picked up the sticks when she was on a trip here during the summer. Nesting has made her a knitter.....
  • Kristi - not pregnant but a nurse (like Emily) - picked up the sticks in the late spring. She is now a regular member of Knit Night even though she has to finagle her work and school schedule to do it. You knit on sister!
  • Zoey - who is not pregnant, nor a nurse - but Natalie's friend. She picked up sticks in response to her mother (un-beknownst to me) showing up at knit nite. Zoey can over for a play date and we (Nat and I) hooked her up! YOU KNIT ON GIRLFRIEND!
  • Christine - who is not pregnant - but is a nurse - and a very dear friend. I roped her into knitting about three weeks after I was hooked and needed a companion to enable me! (As if I need enabling?) Together we are knitting the Braided Vogue scarf - and predict it will be done sometime in the year 2010.
I am quite proud of this round up... and even better - they are all still knitting!!!! I can't wait for the next person I invite into the secret (but not so secret) society of KNIT NITE!

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New Jobs, UFOs and looking forward

It has been OVER a month since I posted and I have no excuse other than - I was BUSY BUSY BUSY with school, work and work. As my old position wrapped up I doubled with my new position. I wanted to start with my feet firmly planted on the ground. End result - I started on the 6 February - wobbling. But the good news.... Weebles wobble but they don't fall down. So far I have been able to keep my head above water (barely) and prevent drowning on a daily basis.

I LOVE my new position and I love the fact that the last three weekends I have been HOME and happy with my family. My girls - have finally realized - I am home home home home on the weekends. Even better - while I have been pulling 10 and 12 hours days trying to get planted and grounded - I am home in the evenings. Our house just seems calmer since this has happened (granted it has only been two weeks).

What does this have to do with "KNITTING?" ALOT - I actually have time and energy to KNIT! I actually ENJOY it as opposed to sneaking it in between this and that. I still carry it with me every where - but I am sitting and knitting in the evening and sitting and knitting with my girls! YES - GIRLS! Rowan - having attending a book reading at SASI - for this book..... Picked up some knitting needles at the store and with a little direction from Donna, the owner, is not well on her way to her first scarf. I use to have to "start" the row - now I am sitting there watching her to start, knit and start the next row.

I - have placed myself - on a NEW YARN MORATORIUM. Why - while I have a mini yarn pile going - and it's strategically and decoratively placed throughout the house - I HAVE TOO MUCH YARN, UFO's and not enough FINISHED projects. So the next few months - you will be seeing UFO's and hopefully Finished projects posted. Of course - an addict like me might just have to get a yarn fix sooner or later... so stay tuned for my progess.

Looking forward - I am reading THIS... and I am hoping my KNIT NIGHT buddies will join along....

I also have added this....


To my library of knitting books... and I am hoping that I can knit a few projects out of here with what yarn sits in my baskets..... Stay tuned for updates....

Well I must get back to my blackberry, paperwork and eventually knitting....

Here is to the 9 - 5, management, salary jobs that I thought I would never EMBRACE!

Praise God
for moving forward and making a positve change in my career, family and life!!!!!!

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