Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wild Kat Socks

Yea Tofutsies! I finished the August Sock Club pattern on the August exclusive yarn. My gauge is way off which is why they fit my 5 yo well. They were suppose to fit me. (oopse). They were suppose to be for Ro to begin with but nice to know I need to go up a needle size (or two) on the next pair.

I love the pattern and the colors totally fit my red head Rowan. The pattern flies once you get into rhythm.

I had to hog tie my daughter down to get them off from her. She is going to wear them to school tomorrow. I finished the majority of them in Utah where I was last week at a conference. I promised her I would have them done when I got back..... WRONG

I finally finished them tonight after the run this morning. I propped myself on the couch with the knee on ice (runner's injury) and knit away. As you can tell - she is quite the model.

I can hardly wait to get the Roc-Toe-Ber socks -fiddlesticks - in the mail. I got my new harmony needles from knit picks while I was gone. While I am waiting patiently for the yarn from tofutsies I am casting on from my stash, a hand dyed sock yarn from To knit perchance to dream. As I am casting it on I have NO idea why I hadn't cast on before. It's beautiful yarn! I love the colors.

Perhaps in a week - there will be another pair of socks to post. I am trying two socks at a time on circs. Ro's Wild Kat's were on circs - my first attempt - one sock at a time......

knit on!

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Personal Accomplishment

I read in the Fall Edition of Vogue of a woman who ran a marathon in London and knit a scarf. I am truly amazed.

Today marks a milestone for me........

A little over eight (ok it's been ten now) weeks ago I started a program of running and dieting (gasp not the "d" word). It's not really a diet - it's a changing my lifestyle. For those who are interested - go here.

I had a goal to get back into my clothes that I moved here in AND finish a 5K in good time and finish it feeling GREAT. I didn't knit anything - but I did run and run well for me.

Today I ran the Bucktown 5K and finished in good time and not winded, gasping for air or ready to die at the end of the finished line!

By the way - I have increased my water intake to a minimum of 5 Liters a day, try to exercise at least four times a week and eat six mini meals a day. This truly is a healthy lifestyle change.

To test it - I went out of town to a conference all last week and ate out three times a day. I was petrified to weigh in this week but wanted to keep myself honest. Guess what - I LOST 2.8 POUNDS while gone!!!!

I am dancing around doing my best snoopy celebration!!!

Next Goal - Turkey Trot.

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fruit Loop Socks

Luckily the DH took pictures of my latest FO!!!! (Yes I finally have a FO!!!!!)

I have nicknamed them the "fruit loop" socks. They were casted on as a pair for Nat and then thought they would be too big. Upon finishing the first one - Nat tried them on and fell in love with them. How could I resist her blue eyes..... staring up at me.....

I know - the toe turned out a bit funky. I am not sure why. The second sock looked a wee bit better.

This is not a SWTC pattern nor is it the Summer Daze pattern - it is Bellatrix from soctopia. I love the pattern and I love how it looks in this yarn.

I believe she is wearing them to school tomorrow.....

I am not attempting to master a sock on two circs - for Rowan. This one is Wild Kat - the June Tofutsies exclusive pattern!

Back to knitting and Dr. Who!

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Blast from my past

While perusing the bloglines I found a post that referred to this link. This book - oddly enough - was one of my favorite books growing up. What a blast from my past. I am not sure this is an accurate description of me - but maybe the issue is that I talk too much about talking rabbits. (Just like the flying monkeys - they do exist!)

You're Watership Down!
by Richard Adams

Though many think of you as a bit young, even childish, you're
actually incredibly deep and complex. You show people the need to rethink their
assumptions, and confront them on everything from how they think to where they
build their houses. You might be one of the greatest people of all time. You'd
be recognized as such if you weren't always talking about talking rabbits.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

By the way - thank you Lorinda - I am apparently 12970 days old. Today my biorhythms are all whacked. According to this link - I should have not gotten out of bed today much less leave my humble safe abode to enter the harsh reality of the world. It's a wonder I was even physically able to get out of bed - according to the physical biorhythms I am giving off. Intellectually I can not even complete a sentence (according to my biorhythms) and I am not in harmony at all. Egad - maybe I better start the day over.......

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Monday, September 03, 2007

My latest want, desire, need......

I WANT, DESIRE, NEED, WANT this book........

I just know - that without it - my life is incomplete..........

Luckily..... Barnes and Noble nor Borders had it last night.....

(for my budget that is)

My DH is working on stitch markers for me. Letters I specifically asked for as I heard one needs letter markers for this book.

How novel!!!!!

GREAT things come to those who wait.......



Currently on needles

That is a loaded statement. I have TONS on needles.....

I am currently knitting....

a sock!

It is the August Tofutsies exclusive color.

I am making it
(because I do not have the pattern - sore subject - but I am letting it go)
with this pattern.
I love how it is knitting up.

(insert picture here - oh I can't my PC is dead)

I call it my Fruit loop sock.

The first is done and I am almost ready to turn the heel on my second sock. They started out as socks for Nat - then they looked big - so they were mine.

Then - Nat put them on today - and they look absolutely adorable as knee highs on her!

Needless to say - the red headed curly one
has claimed the June collection special as hers.

I am going to attempt to knit them on circulars as my friends on the yahoo tofutsies group swear it's a nobrainer and I will take to it with little issues. Deb - directed me to a few www's and I am hoping I can get the hang of it. I would like to do two at a time.......

Do I hear laughter???????

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Disaster at the home front

Well - where do I start. It's not a knitting disaster.....

It's a hard drive disaster. My computer (the family computer that holds all pictures, all Itunes for the DH and the only link to my camera and the printer) had a melt down. The hard drive is fried. Currently (after a late nite vivesection) the hard drive is sitting at a friend's house - trying to recover anything from our hard drive.

I hope it wasn't blasphemous to pray over it as I handed it off this morning. (but we did)

Now - I have two kids moping around (can't get on Tamatown) and a husband who is also pouting (can't watch the race for October).

We have a decision to make. Should we go ALL MAC or replace the PC with a PC. If we go all MAC I lose windows forever (not a bad thing - since I think windows is what took down my hard drive to begin with).

Meanwhile - any posts of pictures will not be available until I can fineagle my husbands D50 to take pictures. (He will probably barter time with the MAC for his D50.)

My MAC book - is off limits to anyone who exclusively used the PC. I can't afford to have my MAC crash with work and school stuff on it.

Needless to say - the stitches on my latest sock are tight.....

What I can say - Thank God for Blackberries! emails are still getting to me as are my tofutsies group mail from yahoo.