Monday, October 30, 2006

Christ Follower or Christian?

I love this!

My friend and fellow knitter/blogger Lorinda, who lives in the "Burps" (as my daughter Natalie calls it), attends this really cool church (that I guess would be classified as one of the emerging coffee house churches?). For the past three weeks she has shared their video Mac - v - PC Parody's.

You MUST go here for week one. Go here for week two and HERE for week three.

(I really like week three.)

I am interested to see where they go with these.

For the rest of the story go

I want to thank Lorinda for posting these on her blog! MOST awesome thought provoking videos and sermons.

And for wonderful thought provoking blog posts go here. My Pastor is most awesome as well!! Our church is smaller - but making an impact in the Chicagoland Area in a big way.


Interestingly enough - in a related story from work.... I had openned an email about a Willow Creek Special downtown on a Sunday with Bono and Bill Hybels. I was talking about it at work and another co-worker asked what "Willow Creek" was? ANOTHER co-worker started in with "oh you know it's that huge church compound that has all those freaks worshiping Jesus and praying......" I let her go on for a while and then I said "Hello - apparently I am one of those freaks because I got the email about the service. She quickly caught herself and said "oh well no I didn't mean it that way."

uh huh.....
(for the record - I WOULD sign my kids up for Jesus Camp.)

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Going with SIX

  • Sitting at home - snuggled - knitting this.

    • Alot of yarn it will take.

  • Got this today - can't wait - breathe.

  • Working on this - praying - keep up!
    • Please God - help me to commit!

  • Got my girls - they're knitting too.

    • Warm blanket covers us three - cozy!


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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Six Words

Ms Lorinda - this is for you!

  • With needles in hand - it began!

  • Cast-on Soy Silk knitting in round!

  • Silence - she stared - knitting and purling.....

  • Life began - she knitted angora booties.

  • Contemplating love - trekking grew into socks.

  • Sale - Rowan Yarn - 50% - Woman trampled.

No go here to see the explaination!


Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Waiting for me on my doorstep - when I just got home a few minutes ago was -

THESE!!!!!! My knitpicks interchangeable needles!!!!!!!

LOOK at those needles.... those beautiful needles..... I wonder how many WIPs I can get on them..... Oh the temptation!!!

Seriously - nothing is more frustrating then getting ready to cast on a project (yarn in hand with pattern on your lap) and the needles you need - are in another project or haven't been purchased yet.....

My hubby openned my box as I finished a presentation I am doing tomorrow. He was a bit confused by the mechanics surrounding them......

Okay back to my presentation.....

My wonderful hubby - is putting them together and in their nice carrying case.... How exciting!!!!

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Danger Danger Warn Will Robinson

THE MOST HORRIBLE THING HAPPENED TODAY!!!!!!!! (while I was knitting of course)

I am so upset.


YES - my prized U2 IPOD has bit the dust.

I must lay it to rest in it's pristine box that it came in with it's U2 poster and etched signatures in the back.

The hard drive has died.

Wales were heard from the Best Buy Geek Squad desk today. The gentleman behind the desk thought he was going to have to call 911 for a hysterically seizing woman grasping her IPOD foaming at the mouth praying in travail that it was not true.


Now I must go out, brave the elements..... head to the apple store.... walking in the dead of silence (BECAUSE MY IPOD IS DEAD) and buy another.

Quicker than rectal valium - the words "YOU KNOW - they still have U2 IPODS out - they are 30 GB now and have VIDEO capabilities. If you purchase one you get EXCLUSIVE VIDEOs of Bono and the boys....."

I was up off that floor, skipping the post ictal phase, and heading out the door to find a time to head to the Apple store downtown. (I'll brave the silence for this.... yes I will)

Imagine - two black with red ipods -both carrying the bands signatures - one laid to rest - the other full of VIDEOS of the band.........

I may seize from the excitement this thought has brought me......

Bono on my ipod 24 hours a day....

WAIT - Law and Order, LOST and Joyce as well.......

EGADS what a thought.....

I wonder if I can make it to the Apple store before work tomorrow?

(Disclaimer - now many of you are trying to figure out WHY I am so upset.... it's so simple. Imagine if you will - being a commuter in a car for one hour (or more) - WITH NO RADIO! I commute on foot. My radio is my Ipod. My sanity is my ipod. MY BUDDY is my IPOD. I knit while listening to my ipod, I read, I write, I run, I sleep, I VEG with my IPOD. I LIVE FOR MUSIC!!!! Now do you see the horror?????)

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Wraps and WIPS?

OIY - what a weekend. We went HERE - with the girls and a friend of theirs on Saturday. WHAT A BLAST we had. I knitted up there and knitted home. We stopped at a cute lil yarn shop in Zion called Gladys Yarn shop. She does not have a www but she is worth the stop. Alot of European yarn and patterns. I picked up some BRIGHT cotton yarn to make booties and hats for friends that are having (or had) babies. I am not into pastels for babies..... go figure who would have guessed! Go HERE for pictures....

On Sunday - I cleaned. I must have been convicted by the Holy Spirit after church on Sunday (the sermon was on laundry - well sorting of the laundry in respect to sorting of the goats and sheep - Mathew 25. Okay - I guess you needed to be there because it sounded different coming from my pastor).

And here is the finished product....

Organized Works that need to be STARTED! Each bag has yarn a pattern and sized needle I need. (WHERE ARE MY

Look at the wonderful basket of sock yarn overflowing waiting for me.....

I won't even show you the two other baskets I organized.

I DID CLEAN as well.... the bathroom is sparkling and the living room is spotless. Nat was working on her life story in the dining room -

so that remained a lil cluttered but more organized......

I still had time for...... KNITTING!

Here it is.... here is my wonderful Mohair wrap that Belinda (a wonderful SASI KNITTER sistah) taught me to make. I am astonished at how quickly it knits up and even how easier it is - once you get beyond the OBNOXIOUS needles

(size 36)

This one is a for a friend (which I will deliver tonight at work.) Rebecca is a red headed strong woman who just had a beautiful baby girl. It's a nursing wrap (a wrap but a wrap to use mainly when she is nursing). It's warm, light and discrete. You know how you hate to layer in the winter when you are nursing... enuf said. This went with the hat and booties I posted before.....

OKAY - I must go off to bed - I have class in the morning and then work in the evening...... I also have a presentation to (start) finish and my 90 day reading plan. (I really like this 90 day reading plan! Thanks Lorinda!)

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I was Phunkfied by my scarf swap pal.....

What an awesome Scarf I got!

I don't have a scarf like this, in this color nor this long. It wraps nicely, is very warm and goes well with my hair and personality!

THANK YOU LINDA - you are the BOMB!


Monday, October 16, 2006

I have been knitting....

I have been knitting and I have proof!!!!!!!

The hat a booties for a friend who just had a baby. (ok the baby is 4 months old and I am a bit late. I KNOW THAT ALREADY. A friend's baby, same age, tried on the hat and booties and they FIT with room to grow! I hope she likes them. I love the lime green and pink. So non-traditional AND so nice to knit up. It is bamboo yarn.

The booties close up. They are in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. LOVE that book!

For my PHUNKY-scarf knit swap. I haven't decided WHICH one I am going to send. They are the infamous Mobius scarf. One is knitted in Noro and one in Mohair/kid/ribbon blend.

My And on top of the scarf....... COMFORT food for the winter.

Warm tea and DARK chocolate!!!!

Now to see which one I sent her you'll just have to watch SASI knitters turned one year old today (the store that is) so check out our blog. There are some great pictures of the celebration AND awesome finished projects on display!

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

As the world turns (or knits)

So - while I have been trying to keep my head above water, finish my school homework, report to work on time (egads they have installed time card machines at work effective Dec 1) and basically exist as a human being - the world goes on.....

Apparently (and darn I wish I had known this - cause I would have been there to bask in his reality) - Bono grace Chicago's sky line to shop at the GAP (THE GAP OF ALL PLACES) to help fight AIDS!

I'm sorry Oprah - no offense (yes offense only if you take it that way) Bono is too good for you! I admire Bono. I think that anyone who has evolved from his youthful rebelous ways, taken the strengths that God has given him (music) and used it to help those in need - those that many of us would cross the street to avoid - has used the talents that God has given him and is walking in the steps that God has outlined for him. Oprah - you strayed off that path a long long time ago.

Now what ever you may think of Bush - any president willing to sit down with Bono - is a HIP and HAPPENING president. So - there. (reverting back to my childhood mode)

Sister Art Studio had their year anniversary party tonight - and it was a blast. Next year I hope to have knitted enough things to have hanging with the other blessed sisters that are so much more knitting princess' than I!

My socks of summer came today!!!! PRAISE GOD! I understand it took SEVERAL Mailings to get them here and several prayers over the envelope enroute.

And they are Delicious!!!!! Look at the colors!!!!!!

Abigail is AWESOME!!!! She never gave up - and I am sure these socks were prayed over more than my prayer shawl I am making. I don't want to take them off!!!!!!!!!!


PRAISE GOD! If you have a chance check out her blog - I have loved LOVED reading her blog!!!!

Spinach is in and meat is out. Given my MPH program I am currently enrolled in - I should be more interested and involved - but I am not a big meat eatter and most spinach I ate was home grown so no ecoli here.

My girls had picture day and both miraclously woke up with a case of bad hair day (and if you are raising girls you know what that means) MAKE UP DAY!

Bears have the opportunity to take their conference title and POSSIBLY go to the super bowl if they keep up the good work - GO BRIAN! (Griese that is)

Tigers may win - but we (being staunch cub fans) are not rooting for them.

Knitting has carried on - and I have several pictures to post after I get other work done!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

90 Day Challenge

Are you up for the challenge?
I am and so is the hubby!
Want to join us?
Go here and here and here!
The challenge starts TODAY!
Be sure to register on the www to get support, resources and direction!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Flip flopped day

So what started out as a very stressful day turned into an okay day.

I passed my test, got a nap in before work AND - got some knitting done.

On the down side.....

A dear friend and mentor's mom just passed away and it hit me harder than I thought it would.

I think it's all to fresh for me and that's okay. I still feel like my grieving is unfinished (or hasn't really started.)

So tonite I sit proped in my bed lamenting to God over a few things and finishing up my readings. A dear friend - Lorinda - turned me onto the bible in ninety days. IF I can tear myself away from Daniel for a while I might just try this. I have my lil amplified study bible and can't wait to read it cover to cover.

For now I must sleep - I have to get up in the AM for an IDPH conference on infection control. MY gawd Jen you are right I am turning into a nerd..... EGADS!

Tonight I sleep, tomorrow I knit at the meeting!

C'est la vie!

Monday, October 09, 2006


SASI knitters are official!

Check us out!

It's my knit nite group gone blogger!

If you live around here - feel free to stop by one Thursday night!

As for me - I have been knitting..... and reading.... and working on school stuff.... and working...

Where does time go? I have been busy - playing catch up and not catching up! I promise to have some FINISHED products uploaded soon (hoping the hubby takes pictures for me while I am at work tonight!)



Happy Fall everyone!!!!!