Monday, July 31, 2006

Ta Da......

So you read my account of the weekend - but you didn't know about the END of the weekend.

After Church today I diligently worked on my Jaywalkers. I wanted them done. Now I know that I posted that they were finished - and they were - but do you have any idea HOW hard it was to upload all those pictures????? I wasn't uploading another picture without a break.....

So - after Church - waiting for Nat and Rowan to have a playdate with a friend that was returning for a weekend (they are away all summer - can you imagine that lifestyle? )

After they left we went to Taste of Lincoln since it was beside our house......

Lotsa food to be had... in every form of fried goodness you can think of.....

Lotsa people.....

Then there was me..... KNITTING.....

Taking a break from the heat.

If you notice - I never changed out my knitting bag from my church bag - so I was making sure I wasn't getting it dirty....... balanced oh so properly on my feet.

And more people......

Again - taking a break - taking in the sights and Knitting....

There was Sangria at just about every port of entry and exit. Of course beer. Taste of Lincoln bills themself as a "family affair" but after about 7PM it's literally an extension of the Bar Strip.

And more food!!!!!!

More knitting.... gotta get them done......

The family part.... is a street off shoot of games. Nat and Ro with a friend went there yesterday. Natalie ended up breaking her pinky of her R hand. I felt so bad for her. She didn't say a word to anyone. She kept asking to go home - which Daddy thought was her way of having a Tude. She got home and immediately started crying. I was taking a nap (migraine). I took one look at it and knew it was broken. Today it's really swollen and icky. buddy taped and splinted it is... She was afraid that the ambulance would get called and she would be carted off to the ED (without mom). Why you ask???

Look who was running the kids corner. She said she recognized several people from the hospital and just knew they would insist she go to the hospital. I felt so bad for her.

It was hot but not as hot as yesterday - Praise God!!!!! Still hot though. So what else does one do????

sit, watch and knit.... that's what I was doing!!!!!

finally broke down and got some nachos - we split them. They were actually quite good - and I am not a big meat fan - I am the veggie nacho woman......

MY JAYWALKERS!!!!!!!! They are DONE!!!!!!

I am so excited - AND they fit!!!!!!!

Lil warm for right now.....

Okay - off to bed I go.... I am currently working on the socks for my secret pal!!!!!


A close gaurded secret..... Really it was.....

Few people know that I will be attending UIC(hicago) as of this Fall. Why? I am pursuing my Master's in Public Health.

Now - what does this have to do with Knitting?????


I want this........

I never wanted anything Fighting Illini before - but now I do......

Of course I can get the colors Maize and Blue as well - she says that she will custom make the yarn... hmmmmmmmmmmm.........

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

As many of you know.... I spent the last few days at the Joyce Meyer/Hillsong Conference. It was AWESOME! (and that is an understatement.)

FIRST - Vacation Bible School was most awesome for the girls.... And our church!!!!

VBS - had a presentation on Friday evening that was AWESOME!!!!!! Natalie's friend Zoey was there (as well as her parents) and a new friend was made as well. Rowan was the oldest in her group and it was interesting to she her take a semi leadership role that Nat always seems to have the opportunity to take. I think they both inherited my temperment. God help us - please pray for us!

They put on an AWESOME presentation of all the songs they learned in VBS. It does my heart good to see them so in Love for Christ and proclaiming His love to others innocently!!!!

Of course I had to take many shots of the wee VBS kids doing their presentation.

After the VBS presentation - our Pastor gave a short message and read out of one of my favorite books - the Ragamuffin Gospel. I thought this was ingenious. Who ever thought of preaching during a Kids presentation! The opportunity to share the Gospel is never overlooked. Our Pastor is sold out for God and leading others to Jesus. Praise God we found this church!!!!

After the VBS presentation - the kids and families mingled in our cafe' lounge in our church. The lil guy on the corner - Caleb - our pastor's son. Isn't he the most adorable!!!!!

The girls had their own lil pile that I am still able to observe them wear around the house. Cute lil crafts they made..... Made me wish I was at a Vacation Bible School for adults - what would we make? Knitted Bible covers? Crochet'd beaded bible markers??? The mind wonders..... I think I am on to something here....

I thought the areas they had set up for the VBS kids were well done and most awesome!!!!

The Summer Missionaries had finished up their tasks with the close of VBS and this was the LAST GROUP shot. They were most awesome in what they got accomplished this summer. This was our church's FIRST VBS and it went smashingly!!!!!

Silly Summer Missionaries assuming silly shots for their last pose.......

Now - while they were doing VBS - we were taking in the conference!!!

Thursday night we had reserved seating because we were invited to a reception prior to the confernce. That was truly an honor and a blessing from God. Even more of a blessing was the baby sitter that we got at the last moment!!!!!! Praise God!!!

Joyce mingled with her partners and answered questions as well as just plain ole TALKING!

Imagine that????

I ran into a dear friend from India who I have been thinking of since we got back from India. Dana - I quickly found out - as I walked past her - IS PREGNANT! Praise God!!!!

Saturday morning the girls were able to join us - so at the ripe hour (and hot hour too I might add) the girls joined us. We were there early enough that we were one of the first people in line. BONUS!!!!

Rowan was let loose with the camera to kill her time standing in the hot sun in line. She captured some cool pictures of her mama knitting. I personally liked this one.

The parking lot was EMPTY when we got there....... Sad statement in reality for Chicago - the UN CHURCHED major city of America!!!!

Every minute or so a plane would take off..... did you know you could hear it from inside the Alstate Arena.... that's just absurd......

Dad rescued us from the heat..... Way to go dad!!!!!

Natalie passed her time by reading - you go girl!!!!!

And - you ask what this has to do with knitting?

I was knitting all weekend - taking in the word - and knitting.... ACTUALLY - I was waiting in line here - in the HOT HOT HOT sun... knitting away at my jay walkers....... (did I mention I was done with this pattern - awesome funky cool pattern at that - I was done!)


As always - an awesome stage awaiting us.....

Natalie was just about ready to BURST with all the excitement!!!!

Pastor Brian Houston had plenty to say about this hat.... GO CUBS!!!! But you have to go HERE to read the whole story (trust me - whether you are a St. Louis Cardinal Fan or a Cub Fan - you will want to go HERE to read it).

You won't be disappointed!!!!!

BTW - just for you CUBS fan - the CUBS swept the Cardinals all three games since Brian was there!!!!! I am banking on the Prayer Walk!!!!

What does this have to do with knitting?

Now - I did not knit while the sessions were going on. Honest.... I knitted inbetween, before and after..... now if I was SURE that the camera wasn't near - I might just have pulled out that knitting..... Okay - I did.... I did knit.... but behind me (precisely one seat behind me) sat another woman KNITTING a bag!!!!!!! I am not alone!!!!!! But the preaching is very fast paced and you are constantly flippin in your bible..... No ADHD going on there.....

What I did accomplish these past three days knitting before, (during) and after.....

(I was so done with them yesterday - I wanted them done....isn't that funny. I love the pattern and the yarn.... just ready to move on I guess.....)

For more pictures of my weekend adventures and the conf. go here!

I will say this..... It is odd to think that last year (at this time) we were wearing winter coats and hanging out at Hillsong Church in Australia.... They showed a clip of this years conference and at the end Pastor Brian mentioned how it made him HOME SICK a bit. I looked at the hubby and agreed that it made me slightly home sick as well. I then turned to my children and started wondering which one I was going to send to Hillsong University...... Natalie Or Rowan? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Hope everyone else had an awesome weekend as we did!!!!!!

Be Blessed!!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Randomly Crazy.....

Schew... what a crazy few days..... it has been....

Joyce Meyer
and Hillsong are in town at the Alstate Arena (ick) and what a worship and preaching is going on... (did that make sense).

I am operating on PURE adrenaling right now.

The girls have been active in their VBS at our church and even invited a friend to go with them. (My lil evangelistic girl Natalie - you go girl!!) Sorry for the blurry Picture......

I haven't been able to keep up too well in the KNITTING world BUT - I have my friend Lorinda - who has!!!! YOU GO GIRL!

She tells me that there are some fabulous SOCK yarns to be had here and here!!!!

She also tells me that it may be a possibility that ADDI'S to be SHARPER in the future. Go here to check that out!!!!

ALSO I hear that there is an up and coming "Sock War" beginning at the Yarn Monkey. Check it out!!!!

I am done checking it all out.... I have got to HEAD to bed to get up bright and early for the final day of Joyce and Hillsong!!!!! I am so excited to have the girls there. They really identify with Darlene (from Hillsong - and I am not even going to attempt to spell her last name because I ALWAYS get it wrong - when I have had enought sleep) and Natalie is getting into Joyce's Preaching.

We got the girls this book from the conference and Natalie curled up on the couch with it tonight after her VBS party. It talks about keeping positive thoughts in your mind, combating the negative thoughts from the world and resisting "worldly" views. As soon as I gave it to Nat she started reading it. We have been doing the Adult version together but I thought this was more pertinent to her needs. She was reading it to Rowan tonight as well.

Okay - I have got to go to bed.... 0530 is going to come pretty darn early!!!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


thoughts in the middle of my work week......

I haven't been a good blogger - I haven't even been mediocore. I feel like I am overwhelmed with life, work and family. Not a good place to be spiritually. I realized this when I had to crawl my way out of bed this afternoon to make it to work. (and crawl to work I did.....)

I was thinking of a few things while crawling into work and decided to post about them if I got the energy (which apparently I did if you are reading this!)

Many people have asked me just what am I going to do with this most adorable bag........

Why this is my CHURCH knitting bag. This will be the bag I use for church, occasions and other things that require something more than scrubs, shorts or jeans....... In slips the essentials and the currently casted on socks!!!

I also sit here and look at this fabulous sock yarn that I got at My Sisters Knits. I love this. Lorinda helped me pick it out!!!! Love the Orange and Love the Green.....

BTW - just as a point of reference - Lorinda ALSO talked me into (twisted my pinky - and it still hurts) buying the BAG!!!

Lorinda is my new best buddy on the blog net and the knitting net. I have yet to get out to her neck of the woods (which I understand is a very uncomplicated metra ride and a minimal walk to her favorite yarn store. I am looking at the schedule and realizing that I have no life - cause there is no time to go.... I need to make time.... I know this.... Really I do.

What do I really want to do???? Sit and knit... sit and scrapbook.... sit and spend time with the fam!!!!

I have done this but I seem to be craving more and more!!!!!


Back to the original start of the post... I am so overwhelmed with my family, work, life and school obligations that I am feeling blah..... I have no idea where this came from --> it sort of just whacked me up side the back of my head when I wasn't looking.

I am hoping this Thursday thru Saturday Joyce Meyer/Hillsong conference will REVIVE me a lil..... Praying it will!!!!

And another thing I can't wait for.... Stitches Midwest!!! If you are going.... PLEASE drop me a line and I will try to keep an eye out for you!!!!!!

Back to work........................... (so I can get more sock yarn darn it!)

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Yarn Harlot came!!!!!

What a Night!!!!

What an AWESOME night!!!!

I not only got to MEET the Yarn Harlot in person but I had an adventure to boot!!!!!

I traveled far......

We were in the farthest South area you could probably get in chicago and still be called a resident of "Chicago!" The 99th Metra Stop.... convienent for me to get to later on!!!!

Not five minutes after I got there..... I blew a flip flop.............

So barefoot I went the rest of the night......
The hard ships we endure to see the Harlot!!!!!

I walked in the knitting store *(that is absolutely adorable)* and was distracted by this wonderful book..... I couldn't help but stand there and stare at it!!!!

BTW - that's Lorinda!!!!!

Rowan? Rowan is that you????

Now here is my Rowan..... Tell me I am NOT losing my mind!!!!!!

After we were in the store a bit we decided to make our way to the lil talk she was giving.... As we were walking in this lovely lil town we found this.....

Yarn Harlot Propaganda all over!!!!

Walked across the street........

We grabbed a bite at this adorable lil Cafe!!!! You'll have to ask Lorinda how that went - my salad was YUMMY and so was my coffee!!!!!

We finally made it to the park district building..... and was in awe from the beginning. We sat down and I pulled out my knitting while listening and laughing... better yet - cackling.....

She was sooooooo hilarious! She was amazingly coy, energetic, funny, sensible and practical! I loved listening to her talk!!!!!!! No wonder I love her blog and her books!

The line was long - and that was okay because Lorinda and I chatted and knitted!!!!!

There she is.... just a little bit farther......

All these women sharing the same passion. Of course while standing in line - in the store I found a few more items to purchase..... like this adorable lil bag that I HAD to have.......

Now tell me - doesn't this purse scream - Bonzairn!!!!!!

Finally we are near enough to enjoy her efferevesent personality AND beautiful smile!!!

MADE IT!!!! and she was just so gracious. She signed all three of her books to Bonnie, Natalie and Rowan!!!!!! Bless her Heart!!!!

Some fabulous friends made..... Can't wait to bump into them at Stitches!!!!

The Very Sweet Lorinda got me a gift.......

What a wonderful gift indeed - RED sock yarn and a sock pattern I have not tried!!!!!!

And for my Traveling sock entry..... my second Jay Walker is proudly held up to admire the Harlot!!!!

This was a blast!!!! Stephanie was AWESOME!!!! She was beyond Awesome! I am so thankful I was able to get this time off and I was so Thankful for God connecting Lorinda and I!!!!! Praise God!!!!!